When I was in university, I majored in environmental policy, and at that time, I believed that I would be an outstanding environmental policy-maker in my future career. Now, however, I am a writer.

I love getting close to nature. When I was at an early age, I often spent my leisure time in village with my parents. I enjoyed climbing mountains, sitting on a big rock with a limpid river flowing by, and sleeping under the arbor. Nevertheless, several years later, fewer trees and clean rivers could be seen. I felt very sad and sorry for our nature. Meanwhile, the reason why the trees were cut down and why the river was polluted confused me for a long time. Afterwards, when I entered university, I chose environmental policy as my major in order to protect the environment via my own efforts.

After gaining my doctor’s degree, I was employed by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) in my hometown. I initially thought that I would make a great difference. However, things were different from what I thought. Driven by the short-term economic profits, the local government developed the economy by damaging the environment. Worse still, they even made up statistics to conceal their illegal behavior. In fact, the EPD was a puppet of the government and few people knew the truth. Therefore, I decided to quit my job.
However, I still wanted to get a hearing and expose the truth to others. I went back to the village where I spent my childhood and has built up several factories now. I recalled my memory and wrote it down with photos taken in my childhood. At the same time, I also recorded what was happening in the village every day. For example, an old man living near to a cement plant died from lung cancer. I wrote down the real stories that happened in the village that were related to human living and human health. Surprisingly, this first book I published has drawn wide attention. The public awareness of environmental conservation has been raised to some extent.
From then on, I determined to keep writing. I really enjoy sharing my own real stories and others’ stories with readers. More importantly, the exposure to the truth makes people more concerned about environmental issues. I believe the public concern will make our life different.

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