One of my favorite places is the outdoor playground in my high school. Because of the strong pressure of studies, I have to spend most of my time studying in the classroom every day. In contrast with the strict and dull atmosphere in the classroom, our outdoor playground brings lots of fun and joy to me, and makes me feel very relaxed.
The playground is located in the north of three academic buildings, west of an administrative building, an auditorium and an indoor gymnasium. There are two gates you can go through to access the playground; the right one and the left one. When you go into the playground, a huge soccer field situated in the middle will be the first thing to attract your attention. The big artificial turf, with alternating light green and deep green, covers the most area of the playground. On the grass are several white lines indicating the rules of soccer. These lines, in turn, make the soccer field look more official. There is a white goal on each end of the field. Many schoolmates, especially boys, enjoy playing soccer during physical education class, during which you can always hear excited shouts in the playground. 
In the periphery of the soccer field is a crimson running track that is divided into five lanes. Since it is a rubber track, it feels springy underfoot. Between the two entry gates are the stands for the audience. All the seats are orange, making the stands look like an
orange ocean at a distance. I really enjoy sitting on the stands and watching my schoolmates play on the playground. It feels as if I were playing with them,
creating a sense of joy and happiness within me.

However, the place I like most is a small badminton court. The bright green grass on the court firstly catches my eye. The color green gives me a strong sense of vitality and hope. The grass makes me feel like I am in the wild nature, separated from the cold concrete buildings that surround me. When you walk on the grass, it feels as soft as snow. I really enjoy sweating on the court after a long game of badminton. After the game, bathing in the sunshine and lying on the grass help me reinvigorate. There is also other equipment, such as the jumping pit in the northwest corner, and horizontal bars in the northeast corner.
The playground is just like my own world where I can temporarily blow off my worries and stress. Every time I go there, I feel very happy and relaxed. It helps me refresh myself, thus improving my studies afterwards. I really love the playground and will never forget it.

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